What are you doing about your Grey Fleet?

Written by John

On July 25, 2020
driving for work

Are you aware that driving for work is one of the highest risk activity that employees do? It is also a big cost to a business.

Any employer that manages this correctly will have peace of mind, that they are managing their costs and are compliant. However, there are many that do not manage their Grey Fleet well at all.

Here are some key reasons that you should be actively trying to manage this well.

Your Company Needs To Stay Legal

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Asking anyone that you employ to drive as part of their work, there is a risk they could be in a collision, this is potentially putting them at risk of harm or injury to another road user. This is known as Work Related Road Risk, many employers asking this of their staff do not know it is their working practices and management failings could be a factor in this.

  • It puts your staff at risk
  • It puts other road users at risk
  • It can cost your business a lot of money
  • It puts you, your business and your reputation at risk
  • You have a risk as director to points on your licence or even a term in jail
  • You therefore have a legal duty under ‘health and safety at work’ legislation to manage it properly.

In order to comply with all this legislation:

  1. Your organisation must not do anything that puts drivers at risk.
  2. Your organisation’s work-related driving activities must not endanger other road users.
  3. Directors must put appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure this is so.
  4. All employees must follow those policies and procedures at all times.

A risk assessment should be carried out on staff and their driving, with training to put right what the risk assessment highlighted.

Moral Advantages of Managing Your Grey Fleet Drivers

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As an employee you have a moral duty to your staff and ensure that your staff are safe and reach home each day after every shift. You must not put them at risk by the way your business operates.

There are some good and better business leaders out there, they know the need for their business to me legally compliant and they see the benefits of this of this good management brings financial and productive benefits, they see this as they right thing to do and run their business just the right way.

Financial Benefits of Managing Grey Fleet

Speaking of these financial benefits, having a good fleet management system in place can help you make massive reductions in business costs, improves productivity in staff, efficiency in your business.

Employers that manage drivers and vehicles well are able to reduce:

  • Collision repair costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Fleet insurance and excess costs
  • Third party claims costs
  • Fuel use and emissions
  • Business mileage claims
  • Replacement staff and vehicle costs
  • Hidden management and admin costs

What is your business like? Do you have this outlook on running your business? If you are looking at your accounts and wondering why is so much being spent on driving for work and grey fleet, drop me a message and we can arrange a free grey fleet consultation to help you get your driving for work into driving for better business.



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