Due in Court on a Motoring Charge?

At Parry’s Fleet Services Ltd, we can offer a bespoke advanced driving course for those that are due in court on a speeding or other driving related charge. Many people taking this course have been advised to do such from their legal team, or they have decided on their own initiative to do this.

Our Pre-court advanced driving course is designed for those drivers who have done something which may result in them losing their licence. But they want to show to the courts, they have had a genuine intention to learn from their mistakes, and as a result of doing so become a safer and more responsible driver. 

Help dealing with stress and road rage

Collision avoidance training


Reducing incident and injury rates

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Our Course Key Facts:

✅ Full UK coverage

✅ Training starts and ends at your home address

✅ All tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) Registered advanced/fleet driving tutors

❌ We don’t judge – whatever you were doing or at what speed you were recorded doing

✅ We make driver training enjoyable and interesting

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The benefits of pre-court driving courses

A positive move. 

We cannot nor ever will state that by taking a course will influence the result of a conviction, you should be looking to take the course for a positive change for yourself and a genuine motive to wanting to become a better, safer driver, by doing so and recognising the shortcomings in your driving, can be seen in a very positive way.

What we cover in our pre court advanced driving course UK training :


Essential tips on how to avoid accidents


Developing advanced observations and planning skills to deal with all traffic situations


Promoting responsible driving attitude


Speed awareness and use of speed controls


Managing stressful road situations

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Advanced Defensive Driving  Course UK

All our courses are road-based and take place in your own car/van. The course is bespoke and based on the needs of you as a driver, although follows a set format, which covers:

An Initial Drive

This allows our tutors to assess your level of experience and skill after the initial introductions and vehicle safety checks. We ask you to drive the way you normally do with no input from the tutor, for around 20 minutes.

We then mark you in the areas of driving, either Excellent, Very Good, Good, Adequate or Poor. This forms an excellent basis to build on the session, as both you and your tutor can see the areas, which need most development. This helps create a truly bespoke training session.


Based on the initial drive, the coaching will be designed around the needs and requirements of you, in an interactive and enjoyable way. We will be driving on a range of roads including urban driving, out of town (rural) driving, and motorway/dual carriageways, where a range of advanced and defensive driving techniques are introduced, one of which includes tips on how to better manage your speed, and be more aware of varying speed limits.

During this session there will be the chance for two-way feedback, along with opportunities to recap what has been covered.

All tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) Registered

If your employees are at a risk of speeding and engaging in a risky behaviour, it is important that they are being managed by a qualified fleet driving instructor. 


At the end of the course there will be a two way debrief, where the tutor will provide feedback on the session, and where feedback from yourself is also encouraged. The tutor will again mark you on the driving areas, which were looked at on the initial drive, making it very easy to see how you improved, to what extent, and in what areas.

3.5hr or 7hr?

We often get asked which course duration is best. This really depends on you and what you want to achieve, also how serious your charges are.

A 3.5hr course is fine if you have been caught slightly above the speed limit, where a ban is unlikely. A 7hr course is recommended where a ban is very possible. The report is longer and more detailed on the 7hr session, and while the same things are covered, the full day allows longer with you, to work on and help iron out and at-risk driving styles, which could be impacting on your driving.


Course Content:

We cover a wide range of elements with our courses, which includes:


Forward planning, observation and anticipation


Car control


Route planning


Stress management


Avoiding traffic jams


Keeping the public safe

Course fees and facts:


Training fees include VAT 3.5 hours course £300 per driver – 7 hours course £550 per driver


Full UK coverage


Training starts and ends at your office or offices


All tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) Registered


We measure a driver in 25 key areas of driving on our reporting sheets,

We rate them either Excellent, Very Good, Good, Adequate or Poor. We do this at the start of training, and at the end so you can measure their progress and overall skill level as a driver.

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