On Road Driver Risk Assessment

Do you employ drivers, or have staff that are required to driver as part of their work? How do you keep them and the public safe? You might consider booking an on road risk assessment to find out how your can improve your driver’s standards.

Companyies must develop a culture of road safety and this will also mean that you are taking care of your duty of care obligation.

A on road driver risk assessment is a good opportunity to assess someone’s ability to drive your company vehicles, no matter is they are Fleet cars, Grey Fleet or Vans.

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Our expert assessors will observe the driver and focus on the essential safe driving practices, this will ensure that the driver is not a risk to themselves, other road users, other employees, or your business.

Having a driver risk assessment will meet your immediate duty of care and your responsibility to identify any potential future training requirements that the driver may need. By identifying these, you can then put in place a training plan to mitigate the risk and reduce the chance of a serious road incident.

The Driver Risk Assessment Process will include:


Fulfil your Health and Safety obligations to ensure your drivers are competent to drive the vehicles being asked to be used.


Identify any training requirements that will then improve the driver’s safety and competence


Generate an audit trail of the risk assessment to maintain compliance required if you have 5 or more driver’s driving for work in your company


Reduce damage/collision costs by pre-qualifying new drivers during the recruitment stages

The Driver Risk Assessment

Who should attend:

Anyone that you are about to employ and will have driving as part of their work duties. Someone who is self employed is road safety conscious. An employee who has received a complaint about their driving or had a collision or incident.
Training is done in your vehicles, however, if required we can use the assessor’s car, with an additional fee.

The Assessment outline:


Introduction and Driver checks


Driver Debrief


The assessment drive


Assessor report will follow

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Programme Benefits:

Reduce your driver’s risk – obtain a professional and third party assessment of a drives’ competency behind the wheel either prior to employment or following a complaint or incident.

Meet your duty of care and reduce costs – our assessment is designed to cover your duty of care in assessing the risk of driving for work and to allow you to plan a training for the driver based on the risk shown, this should then result in reduce costs, reduce collision rates.

Identify poor and dangerous driver to your business


Pre-employment risk assessment. Finding the right fit candidate for your consideration


Risk assessment to identify training needs and reduce road risk


Promote safe driving culture within your business

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Risk assessment:
– 1 Hour Driver Assessment
– 2 drivers per half day
Minimum booking half day

Price:  £99 per person


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