Driver Training for Electric and Hybrid Cars and Vans

Have you switched your fleet vehicles from diesel or petrol to Hybrid or Fully Electric (EV)? 

We have training to ensure drivers feel confident with the operation and charging of their vehicles, with Eco driving training to help them maximize efficiency and range.

New EV and PHEV Vehicles

New drivers not familiar with electric or hybrid vans


Making the most out of your budget and safety features

electric van course
electric van driving course

The benefits of training on EV and HPEV cars and vans for fleet drivers

Training in electric vehicles (EVs) or plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) can be vital for drivers who are new to the idea of driving EVs and PHEVs  and are used to  ICE (Internal Combustion Engine, Petrol or Diesel). 

The EV and PHEV Training includes an introduction to the vehicle’s controls, modes and displays. Plus, if applicable, how to vary the level of regenerative braking and an explanation of any eco or energy saving modes such as those that limit acceleration, top speed, or use of ancillary power. 

What we cover in our advanced driving lessons UK training :


Rules of the road


The Limit Point (advanced)


Managing your speed


Maximising your battery power


Creating a positive driving attitude

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EV and PHEV courses Information 

E EVOur trainers will help you understand the requirements and the duty of care for your employees and the public and comply with your legal and ethical obligations. 

You might be wondering why you should invest in this training.

For PHEVs, the discussion of modes includes an explanation of when the vehicle uses only electric, only ICE or hybrid power, and the fact that financial and environmental benefits will only be achieved when PHEVs are regularly plugged-in.

We look at how to charge the vehicle, with a practical demonstration and discussion of different charging options if possible.

Each driver must drive two circuits of an identical route on public roads, the first in his normal driving style and the second whilst being coached and adopting eco driving or range-extending driving techniques. 


Advanced EV and PHEV Courses for Cheaper Insurance

It is not only giving you a peace of mind to train your employees to a higher standard, but you will also be able to make massive savings on your fleet costs, including insurance. 

Your liability insurance will be offered at a better rate, and you can protect your business reputation and remain compliant at the same time. 

How Much Is The EV/PHEV Fleet Driving Course

It depends on the number of drivers you need and the focus of the course. Of course, our trainers will cover any vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes, and can train your new or existing drivers on your fleet vehicles. After the initial assessment, we will be providing you with a detailed plan on how to bring up your drivers’ skill to a higher level. As a result you can see your advance driving course reduce insurance for years to come. 



Introduction and licence / vehicle checks

This allows us to ensure that your drivers have the correct licence to drive the vehicles being asked to drive, we also include an eye sight check. We then go through vehicle safety checks that drivers should carry out daily when using the vehicle for work purposes.

Training starts and ends at your office or offices

The speed awareness course price includes turning up at your location and assessing yoru fleet, as well as returning your driver to the business premises after the course. You will get a written report, too. 

All tutors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) Registered

If your employees are at a risk of speeding and engaging in a risky behaviour, it is important that they are being managed by a qualified fleet driving instructor. 

We measure a driver in 25 key areas of driving on our reporting sheets, and rate them either Excellent, Very Good, Good, Adequate or Poor

We will identify the reason for the speeding and inform you of the speed awareness course price and complete a development plan for your company, with potential financial savings. 

Discussion and two-way feedback is an integral part of the training, so the training includes feedback sessions after each drive with the vehicle stationary. Introducing the core EV & PHEV range extending techniques of greater anticipation; maximising the use regenerative braking; and avoiding excessive speed.

Risk assessment

We provide a speeding risk assessment for each driver at the end, which will be High, Medium or Low risk. A report will be sent to you around 3 days after each training session.

Course Content:

We cover a wide range of elements with our courses, which includes:


Forward planning, observation and anticipation


Car control and the use of regenerative braking


Dealing with adverse weather


Speed awareness


Dealing with road rage


Skid Control and much more

Course fees and facts:


Training fees include VAT 3.5 hours course £300 per driver – 7 hours course £550 per driver


Valid across the UK


The UK advanced driving course starts and ends at your office or offices


All insrtructors are DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) Registered


We measure a driver in 25 key areas of driving on our reporting sheets,

We rate them either Excellent, Very Good, Good, Adequate or Poor. We do this at the start of training, and at the end so you can measure their progress and overall skill level as a driver.

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