Company Driver Handbook for Car and Vans

Comply with the regulations. Protect your business, your drivers, and the public by issuing a company driver handbook for your employees.

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About The Drivers’ Hand Book

All road traffic incidents are preventable! The purpose of a company ‘Car and Van Handbook’ is to make companies and their drivers aware of the risks that they may face or create while operating vehicles. It is vital they have the knowledge to understand how to manage those risks. It will also help you stay compliant with employers’ responsibilities.

At Parry’s Fleet Services, our intention is to help business owners keep their employees safe. Here are some of the areas we cover in the company driver handbook: 

  • Road Traffic rules and safety
  • Health and Safety rules at work
  • Welfare of staff regulations
  • Any other relevant legislation relevant to their industry or workplace and duties



What’s inside


Code of Conduct

Drivers’ code of conduct, DO-s and DON’T-s


Corporate responsibility

Fleet managment guidelines


Risk management

Risk assessment and management guidelines

Improve your reputation, manage your employee behaviour, and save money

Companies with an internal driver policy are more likely to win contracts and maintain their reputation in their industry.