About Our Fleet Training Services

Information On Our Driver Course Services

If you manage a fleet of vehicles, and your employees drive for work, you need to make sure that you are:

  • compliant with the current regulations
  • protecting your drivers and the public
  • check your vehicles for safety and condition
  • maximise your fuel efficiency
  • help your drivers run your essential fleet services smoothly

Our mission here, at Parry’s Fleet Services is to help fleet managers get more productive and safer drivers.

Founder, John Parry set up the company with the vision to make UK roads safer, fleets more effective, and drivers better trained to deal with the new challenges of busy traffic.

How Your Company Will Benefit from Our

Fleet Training Services?

As a business owner you simply have many things to do each day, and training and monitoring your drivers should not be one of those jobs.

Every company wants their drivers out there driving safely, with minimum risk of being involved in any road incident. Drivers can learn new skills to stay safe, avoid fuel waste, and drive better in every condition. That’s where Parry’s Fleet Services can help.

Reducing Driver Error for Companies

Driver error contributes to many incidents and is often the main cause of accident claims.

1 in 3 drivers who get involved in a fatal road traffic incident are driving for work purposes.

Your Responsibility as a Director or Manager for Your Emloyees’ Driving Behaviour

Driving is the most dangerous activity your employees will undertake at work. By not doing risk assessments and fleet driver training, including those who are drivers of grey fleet, as a director you can be just as liable as the driver.

If your drivers are consistently speeding, you could get points on your licence, if they kill someone in a collision and you have not followed Health and Safety requirements you will be held liable. If found guilty, you can get penalties in the range of hundreds of thousands of pounds, even millions, and you might even have to go to prison!

All organisations with employees that drive for work should adopt a road safety culture, backed up by policies and procedures with effective driver training and education to keep their drivers, vehicles and public as safe as possible on the roads. This can be a lot of pressure on your staff.

How Driver Risk Assessment Can Help

Firstly, you need to carry out a risk assessment on all your drivers that drive company vehicles, also their Grey Fleet drivers.

Secondly, you should have all assessment and risk assessment records in order and you should implement training based on the risk assessments.

How Can We Help You Manage Your Fleet and Drivers Better?

We can offer courses that will hugely benefit your company, your drivers or yourself. Our courses will make your employees’ driving safer.

By coaching the drivers we can help your company:

  • save on fuel cost
  • save on car/van insurance premiums
  • avoild prosecution due to liability
  • remain compliant with current Health and Safety regulations

Some of the driver and safety courses we offer are:

  • Advanced and Defensive Driving Course
  • Vehicle Familiarisation Courses
  • UK familiarisation of foreign drivers
  • Pre-employment driving and risk assessments
  • Post-employment training on driving for work

Email me to arrange a meeting or a phone call to discuss your training needs on john@parrysfleetservices.co.uk or on 07706382638

Want to Discuss Your Fleet Training and Driver Training Needs?

As an employer and a company owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your vehicles and drivers are safe on the road. Whether it is help with your risk assessment, vehicle or driver tests, or health and safety procedures you need advice on, get in touch.