Parry’s Fleet Driving Courses

Operating a large fleet of vehicles is not easy and straightforward. There are loads of things to think about as a fleet risk manager:

  • Your fleet vehicles
  • Who drives what fleet vehicle
  • When is the fleet vehicle service due
  • Sorting your fleet Insurance
  • Fleet fuel cards
  • Ensuring that you send out the right vehicle that can do the job
  • Managing Grey Fleet making sure that grey fleet drivers have business insurance, servicing and MOT.

At Parry’s Fleet Services we look after all that and more…

The Benefits of Fleet Training

At Parry’s Fleet Training we offer courses that will hugely benefit your company, your drivers or yourself, courses that will make driving safer, by coaching the drivers into being better drivers.  

Our fleet driver training courses will save the company £££s not only on fuel but also insurance costs.

We designed our fleet driving courses and fleet management services  in compliance with health and safety regulations. They cover fleet risk management, ensuring you are minimising corporate risk.

By having your drivers go through our fleet courses from when they become part of your business you can ensure that your business is not at risk of prosecution under the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide act 2007.

We offer these courses:

  • Advanced and Defensive Driving Course
  • Vehicle familiarisation
  • UK familiarisation
  • Driver risk training
  • Fleet driving lessons 
  • Pre-employment drivers assessment
  • Post-employment training

What Our Fleet Driver Training Course Covers: 

If you are a fleet manager, it is important that you maximise the productivity and efficiency of your drivers, while keeping your employees and the public safe.

We offer the following  fleet driving courses:

  • Fleet management
  • National fleet services
  • Advanced and new driver fleet courses
  • Vehicle familiarisation and confidence driving course
  • New vehicle driving training 
  • Commercial fleet services advice 
  • Driver assessment courses
  • New or young driving training courses
  • Fleet driver risk assessment 

fleet driving training courses

Professional Driver Assessments and HSE Information

No matter how long you have been a professional driver, there’s always room for improvement. Employers can see their fuel and fleet costs reduced by up to 20 percent.

According to the Department of Transport, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their employees at work,  abd have a plan to manage risks, develop policies, and assign responsibilities. 

Risk assessments should be carried out by a qualified person experienced in driver assessment courses, such as Parry’s Fleet Services.

Fleet Training

If you or your employees drive for work, you need to make sure they are both safe and legal. 

Advanced Driving Courses

Is your business looking to save money on insurance and running costs? Our advanced driving courses will help you achieve this goal. 

 The Benefits of Our Driver Risk Assessment Courses

As a company owner or a responsible for fleet risk management, you will have the peace of mind that you comply with the latest regulations and you are able to have all the training completed and records kept for health and safety reasons. We can identify the common mistakes and reasons for fuel waste, helping you save on wages and insurance, fleet management costs.

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Want to Discuss Your Fleet Training and Driver Training Needs?

As an employer and a company owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your vehicles and drivers are safe on the road. Whether it is help with your risk assessment, vehicle or driver tests, or health and safety procedures you need advice on, get in touch.